Customer Testimonials

Hey John

I just wanted to send off a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with your dealership today. To jog your memory my son was given a car for Christmas this year to get him back and forth to university. He loved the car it was a 1996 BMW 325i. One day he took the sky train into Vancouver and when he returned someone had vandilized his car so badly that ICBC wrote it off. He was heart broken. We drove around all day and ended up at your Pinnacle dealership. We saw a 1996 BMW same style same colour and we purchased it. The car had some challenges but my son and I decided to try and have it fixed up to the level of the one he had vandilized. Six weeks passed and it became obvious that the car would never be the same as the old one. With great angst and trepidation my son and I returned to Pinnacle. We told them we didn't want the BMW any more and was there anything they could do to help my son get into a dependable vehicle. We spent the afternoon test driving several vehicles and settled on a 2003 PT Cruiser. When it came time to close the deal you gave us the exact amount on trade in that we had paid six weeks earlier. There was nothing that said you had to do that but you did. So from my son and from me I would like to say a heart felt thank-you it is a pleasure to find a dealership with integrity. As my cars need to be replaced I will look to Pinnacle as a first choice for replacing them.


Jim / Brandon Ferguson

Hi There,
This is to tell you I just dealt with Lou D'Onofrio at Pinnacle Car Sales and he found me my dream car. I absolutely love the car. It has a clear view over the dashboard which is hard for me to find because Im short and I really love how the car handles. It glides it doesnt drive. I also love the leather seats and the stereo that I can plug my iPhone into.
R. Gabriel